Dress Code

It is generally accepted by educators that the manner in which children are dressed influences both their behavior and their performance.  There is a long tradition of uniform dress in Catholic elementary schools, with positive results.  The dress code at Nativity is intended to maximize those advantages.  All students are to be neat and clean when coming to school.

You can order school uniforms through SchoolBelles.

Basic Uniform Information

TopsK-8Shirt with collarcotton/poly, Oxford cloth, 3 button knitWhite, light Blue
 K-8T-shirtsT-shirts worn under the school shirtWhite only
 K-8SpiritwearSweatshirts sold by Boosters or PTA and are not team-specific (for having won a tournament, etc) can be worn any day 
 K-8SweatersCardigan, V-neck, crew neckSolid navy, red, white, hunter green
K-8SweatshirtsStudents can wear other (Non-Nativity) crew neck sweatshirts or quarter-zips

  • Plain or no more than a small logo of the clothing brand (e.g., Nike, Adidas, North Face, Vineyard Vines, etc.)
Not Permitted:
  • Non-Nativity hoodies
  • Brand logos that promote a high school, college, sports team, etc.
BottomsK-8PantsCotton/poly tailored pants, no jeans or cargo pantsNavy
 K-6 (g)JumperUniform PlaidUniform Plaid
 6-8 (g)SkirtUniform PlaidUniform Plaid
April 1st – Nov 1st onlyK-8Shorts / SkortCotton/poly, tailored, no cargo or gym shorts. Hem closer to the knee than the waistNavy
 K-8SweatpantsOfficial Nativity SpiritWear can be worn on Phys. Ed. Days onlyNavy
FeetK-8SocksKnee socks, crew socks, footiesSolid navy, red, white, hunter green, black
 K-8 (g)Tights/LeggingsSolid knit, under skirt/jumper; leggings all the way to the ankle with no embellishmentSolid navy, light grey
 K-8ShoesGym shoes or other school appropriate shoes. No sandals or flip-flop. No crocs or slippers. any

Out of Uniform Days

The principal may designate a day as an “out of uniform day” which means that students do not have to wear their full uniform that day.   An “Out of Uniform Day” comes in a variety of formats, e.g., walk-a-thon shirts.  It is important that students listen carefully to the specific directions for each Out of Uniform Day. Apparel worn on out of uniform days shall be school-appropriate. Questions should be directed to the School Office.

Additional Uniform Regulations:

  • PE Uniform: Students are expected to wear the gym uniform to physical education classes. The gym ​uniform​ ​consists​ ​of​ ​a​ ​gray​ ​Nativity​ ​Physical​ ​Education​ ​t-shirt​ ​and​ blue athletic ​shorts. The t-shirt can be ordered by sending an order form (available through the Family Portal) to the student’s homeroom teacher.  Students may wear their gym clothes all day on the day(s) of the week they are scheduled for gym class. To order the PE uniform, please have your child give this order form to her/his homeroom teacher.
  • Special Event T-Shirts (e.g., Walk-a-thon) may be worn only on days designated by the principal.  T-shirts that have been autographed or written upon are not considered appropriate to wear to school.  8th graders will have multiple opportunities to wear their class t-shirts on designated days.
  • Shirts: Shirttails must be tucked in.
  • Make-Up: Make-up is not considered part of the uniform.  Lipstick, eye shadow, etc., should not be worn to school.  
  • Team Specific Kings/Spirit Wear: During the school day, students may not wear sweatshirts or t-shirts that signifies membership on a specific team.
  • Tournament/Season Championship Spirit Wear: Students must receive permission from the office before wearing any spirit wear that acknowledges victory in a season or tournament.
  • High School Spirit Wear: High school spirit wear may not be worn during the school day, as it creates unwanted competition among students and the high schools.