Global Education

One of the best ways to prepare students to participate in the global community is to provide them with the experience of learning about and getting to know students from around the world. Since 1980 Nativity has worked with schools in 22 different countries to provide that global experience for our students.

Visiting students come prepared to visit each classroom to share their nation’s culture and history with our students through age-appropriate activities. While in Cincinnati, they live with Nativity families and attend classes at Nativity to experience American family and school life. Their visit always includes trips to local points of interest. The same thing happens when our students travel to another country. The exchange program is funded by families who choose to participate as host families or send their son/daughter abroad.

The exchange program at Nativity is one of the reasons this is A Great Place to Be. Meeting students in class and on the playground is a great way to learn about the world and to build friendships that can last a lifetime.

Certificate for International Studies

In 1979 Nativity began to develop its connection to the global community and emphasize global education. It began with the student exchange program when we sent our first delegation to Olinca School in Mexico City in 1980. An emphasis on physical and political geography followed.  The 6th Grade Muslim Project was added in 2009.  World Language offering expanded to include Spanish and Chinese in Grades K-8.

Since then the global education program at Nativity as evolved to include:

  • The opportunity to study Spanish in Grades K-8 and Latin in Grades 6-8.
  • A Map Studies Program with an emphasis on physical and political geography.
  • The opportunity to get to know students from abroad through the Student Exchange Program.
  • An in-depth study of one nation of the world through the Sixth Grade International Day.
  • Assistance for those in need through Project H.O.P.E.
  • The Capstone Essay.

Our students have built a strong foundation for further study and global citizenship through the opportunities here at Nativity. The Certificate for International Studies is presented each year to members of the graduating class who have successfully completed the requirements and demonstrated excellence in each area.

1979-80MexicoOlinca School
1980-81MexicoJohn F. Kennedy School
1981-82MexicoJohn F. Kennedy School
1981-82HondurasHoly Trinity
1982-83IndiaBluebells School
1983-84El SalvadorColegio Internacional
1984-86MexicoBenjamin Franklin School
1985-86JamaicaJessie Rippoll School
1985-86MexicoYancuic School
1986-87EcuadorJefferson School
1987-88EcuadorJefferson School
1987-88BermudaSouthampton Glebe
1987-88MexicoJohn F. Kennedy School
1988-89BermudaSouthampton Glebe
1988-89MexicoJohn F. Kennedy School
1989-90AustraliaBelgrave South Primary
1989-90HondurasSt. John Episcopal School
1989-90MexicoJohn F. Kennedy School
1990-91AustraliaRowville Primary
1990-91IndiaBal Bharati School
1990-91MexicoJohn F. Kennedy School
1991-92Costa RicaSt. Anthony School
1991-92FranceEcole des Brousailles
1992-93New ZealandTakapuna Intermediate
1993-94New ZealandTakapuna Intermediate
1993-94UkraineSchool #3
1994-95IrelandSt. John
1994-95FranceEcole Pasteur
1995-96UkraineSchool #3
1996-97MexicoNuevo Continente
1997-98KenyaSt. Catherine School
1997-98New ZealandTakapuna Intermediate
1997-98GermanyOtto Hahn Gymnasium
1999-00GermanyOtto Hahn Gymnasium
1999-00FranceEcole Croix Boissee
2000-01HungaryInternational Projects Week
2001-02ArgentinaSt. Peter School
2002-03GermanyOtto Hahn Gymnasium
2003-04NetherlandsInternational Projects Week
2004-05MalaysiaSri Kuala Lumpor
2005-06MexicoBuena Tierra
2005-06GermanyOtto Hahn Gymnasium
2005-06MalaysiaSri Kuala Lumpor
2006-07UkraineSchool #3
2006-07USAInternational Projects Week
Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Russia
2007-08GermanyOtto Hahn Gymnasium
2007-08ChinaLong Cheng Middle School
2008-09HungaryArpad Gymnasium
2008-09AustraliaBirmingham Primary
2009-10AustraliaBirmingham Primary
2009-10PolandInternational Projects Week
2009-10ChinaLong Cheng Middle School
2010-11USAThe Friendship Journey
Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine
2010-11EcuadorJefferson School
2011-12MexicoEscuela TAE
2011-12ChinaLong Cheng Middle School
2012-13HungaryAprad Gymnasium
2012-13El SalvadorEscuela Panamericana
2013-14USAThe Friendship Journey
Germany, Netherlands, Poland,
Mexico, Ukraine, China
2013-14ChinaLong Cheng Middle School
2013-14AustraliaUpwey South Primary School
2014-15GermanyOtto Hahn Gymnasium
2015-16ChinaLong Cheng Middle School
2015-16FranceEcole Jeannine-Manuel
2016-17USAThe Friendship Journey
Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland
2016-17HungaryArpad Gymnasium
2016-17MexicoInstituto Cenca
2017-18PeruPrescott School
2017-18FinlandTorkinmaki School
2018-19MexicoColegio Buena Tierra
2018-19ChinaLong Cheng Middle School
2019-20NetherlandsDr. Aletta Jacobs College
2021-22FranceCollège Paul Fort
2022-23FinlandTorkinmaki School
2022-23MexicoColegio Buena Tierra
2023-24GermanyThe Friendship Journey
2023-24El SalvadorColegio Internacional de San Salvador
2023-24PolandMysiadlo School