Why choose Nativity?

Solid Academics

The students are on a journey to become the persons God has called them to be.  Nativity is a great place for that journey to take place. Through the academic program we offer, they develop the necessary skills.

Global Perspective

Global education enhances your child’s compassion, tolerance, and appreciation of inherent differences among cultures.


The arts are an integral part of the education Nativity offers. They enrich the curriculum and your child’s experience at Nativity by providing connections to religion, math, social studies, science, and language arts.


Technology is important for your child’s future success and is integrated into all areas of the curriculum. We use 1-to-1 Chromebooks, a variety of online learning sites, and large touchscreens in the classroom.

All Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Your child’s religious education is the fundamental reason Nativity School exists.

Requesting Admissions Information

To request more information about enrolling your children at Nativity School, please complete this form.